Student Brides?

Who else in here is a Maine Student bride?
If you are where do you go and what are you studying?

-Just curiousity, I know there is a board for Student Brides but I just wanted to see who from Maine falls under that as well-- Laughing
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Re: Student Brides?

  • I'm a grad student...does that count?

    I'm enrolled in the Educational Leadership masters program at St. Joe's, which is where I also did my undergrad back in the 90s.  I have my internship and two electives left and I will have my degree and be eilgible to become a principal.

    I definitely fell about 6th months behind in my program due to wedding planning. 
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  • not a student anymore! did a year of college for fashion design then came back home to maine to go to cosmetology school!  so i started my career about 2 years ago- so if anyone is wondering abou wedding hair i work at Acapello Salons! :)
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  • Me! :) I got to school for dance eduation in Philadelphia but I'm from Maine!
  • I was a grad student while planning the wedding. I graduated a few months before the wedding though. I went from homework right into wedding planning mode. It's so nice to have free time now. :)
  • I'm a student/bride too! :) I'm an undergrad at UMaine studying Child Development & Family Relations! It's kind of a funny duality! One minute you're writing a paper, the next you're signing rental agreements for your wedding venue... How's your experience been so far? :)
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