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I'm looking to find someone to play live music at our outside ceremony for cheaper than $200. Any reccomendations?

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    me too! in portland area or willing to travel!
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    I don't know about less than $200, I found an amazing deal with my guitarist and I'm paying $300 for a half hour of prelude, ceremony music, and 10 minutes of postlude. 

    I would contact colleges to see if any music students would be interested in playing for you. I know USM-Gorham has a large music program.

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    i might know someone, let me talk to her first (she is our dj and is just starting up as a dj and is looking for experience).

    She is brand new but has many resources for back ups, friends who are will do help if an amp doesnt work ect.

    i will let you ladies know
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    oh just kidding, im sorry i must be tired it i didnt even read the "live" part.....
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    Thanks, I'll check-out USM.  What is the name of the guitarist you're using for $300?
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