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Getting married Sept 3 in Kennebunkport but having our RD Sept in York.  I know it's a bit of a faux-pas to have guests travel that far so we wanted to provide a bus to shuttle people back and forth.  Given the number of people attending we will probably need a whole bus.  Any vendor ideas?  Recommendations?

Also, for those getting married in that area and have a lot of OOT-ers are you planning on airport transportation? 


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    If you can't find a company, try calling the school department in that area.  There are many school bus drivers in Maine who will moonlight for things like that.  Good luck.
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    Our ceremony is in Saco and then Reception in Kennebunkport. Most of our guests are staying at the Kennebunk Inn and they will have to drive to both locations. I thought of transportation but for us I think it gets to confusing. Is the reception where the guests are staying or will you have to transport them back at the end of the night??  We have heard great things about the Trolley company in York.

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    I was thinking the same thing the other day. Our ceremony is in Saco and reception in Kennebunkport. Most of our guests will be staying at the Kennebunk Inn, as this is a destination wedding for us. I heard that the Trolley company in York is very good. Not sure if you were thinking of a Trolley. And is your reception the site the same site as where your guest will be staying? Or will you bus them back to a hotel after?

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    I may have double posted for some reason I thought my first post did not go through. OOPS!! I have wedding brain!
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    I thought a little about this.. and the thought of it kinda stresses me out to be honest..  i am getting married in scarborough right near the beach, and while their are lots of places to stay around there, the larger hotel places are at least 10-15 minutes away.  prob more than half of my guests are OOT-ers and most of the rest are at least hour or so away.  What i have found out from people so far, is that most everyone is going to be staying down in saco/scarborough/south portland area.  what i decided to do was use the hotel shuttle services that each hotel offers (it's free as long as you have so many rooms booked).  I would recommend having guests use the shuttles available through the hotels if they are staying at places like that.  This would also solve your problem of airport transportation, the shuttle services can be used for that too! 
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