wedding dress alterations...where did you get this done?

Hey girls!
Sooo I am driving back to ME for the holidays (from IL) to be with family and have a whole month off of grad school so I will be doing many wedding related projects! My mom asked me last night if I was going to bring my dress with me, and I think I should have it altered in ME rather than in IL and then drive it out. So I am wondering if any of you have any cautionary tales, or suggestions with who used for alterations? I would really like to use someone who specializes in wedding dresses....any suggestions?

Re: wedding dress alterations...where did you get this done?

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    I got my dress at David's Bridal and had my alterations done there, so I don't have any recommendations.

    Something to think about though - do you know how many fittings you're going to have?  How soon before your wedding will you have it altered?  I had my first fitting in May for my July wedding.

    When my cousin got married, she was living in CA but got married in NH.  She had all of her alterations done in CA and then shipped her dress home.  She found a place to have it pressed/steamed here, so that was the only thing she had to worry about.  She ended up with 3 fittings after they didn't make the bust small enough, and she wouldn't have had enough time to have all of that done if she waited until she came home for the wedding.
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