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Hi Ladies,

I live in NYC but am looking to come to Maine for my honeymoon. Can you suggest any good resorts near the beach or in the country for the month of August? Me and FH are looking for a place that has a spa, winery and is near the beach for some relaxation!


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  • The Samoset Resort is great! Try there :) if you want somewhere with a kitchen, timeshares are great. I don't know much about the coast, but Bar Harbor & Booth Bay!
  • The Samoset in Rockland is very nice and they do have a spa. Not sure if there are any wineries in that area but there is one further north in Bar Harbor (where you definitely should spend at least a day). Rockland does have some nice coastal tours if you like being out on the water and the views are really good.
    I'd look into Bar Harbor to see if there are any resorts there because it's one of the nicest places to visit in the state (if you enjoy the outdoors). I know that there are some really nice hotels but you'd best make a reservation soon as August is peak season there.

    If you like the city, try to spend a day in Portland  (which is about 2 hours south of Rockland and 3 1/2 hours south of Bar Harbor), maybe go for a boat ride in Casco Bay or catch a play at one of the local theaters.

    Good luck and I hope you enjoy your visit to Maine!
    Just my two cents! Penny L G M
  • Thank you! I will def. look into these places! :)
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    Definitely The Samoset!  I haven't seen their new spa or restaurant but I have heard nothing but rave reviews.  Their new outdoor pool with ocean view is gorgeous, I have seen that. It's also the perfect place for taking off to Bar Harbor, a Windjammer cruise, the islands, Kittery, Camden, Boothbay Harbor, etc., for a day trip.  Can't say enough good things about the Samoset.  Good luck!!
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    I've been to the Samoset. It is a great location. Definitely recommend. For wineries, I know of one called the Cellardoor Winery in Lincolnville, ME. Google says it's about a 25 minute drive from the Samoset. The winery itself is beautiful in a beautiful location. Free tastings - 6 for each of you! And if you're going to the winery definitely stop off in Camden, ME. It is a very cute coastal town. Enjoy!
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