While I am in the posting mood... PIP

... This normally belongs in the DIY board but I feel like it is more fun to show this to you Maine girls :D

I finished my bridesmaid jewelry and my matching necklace

Re: While I am in the posting mood... PIP

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    Very nice!  I've always liked getting jewelry as a bridesmaids gift!
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    I love them!!  I also love that it's something that they can totally wear again with everyday outfits!
    My everyday, go-to earrings are from a sensible friend's wedding I was in about 7 years ago.  Not handmade, but very re-wearable.
    Nice job on these!
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    Beautiful!!! I'm sure your girls will love them... so fun and something they can wear over and over again.  Inspires me to get started on my bridesmaid gifts...

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