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Southern Maine Venue

Hi Ladies,
I need your help being that we live in Mass.  Please suggest a gorgeous venue/restaurant/resort/inn for a small cermony and reception.  We have shifted gears from a bigger budget wedding to a small intimate more upscale affair for 20-30 people.  Ideally I would love some place on the ocean, harbor, or lake in Southern Maine.  And some place that has onsite catering, I'm not looking to search for caterers.  I want fabulous food and drink with a great view for my small party. 

Thank you!

Re: Southern Maine Venue

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    In Portland Maine there is a restaurant called Dimillos Floating Restaurant. It's an old car ferry that has been turned into a restaurant, so it's in the harbor. My fiance actually bartends there and they have weddings all the time. It's worth checking into.
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    Oh, gosh, there are so many places that would be good! You could check out the Saltwater Grille; I haven't been, but I hear it's good, and it's on the water. http://www.saltwatergrille.com/

    You could also check out the Cliff House in Ogunquit: http://www.cliffhousemaine.com/weddings/

    Or the Inn By the Sea in Cape Elizabeth: http://www.innbythesea.com/weddings/

    If you were willing to take a ferry, you could check out the Inn on Peak's Island or Diamond's Edge Restaurant and Marina.

    I'd check out some of the listings on TK Maine page too, because there are a few southern Maine places mentioned there: http://www.theknot.com/vs_MAINE_CAR.shtml

    I'm not super familiar with southern Maine, so hopefully someone else can chime in!
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    Sorry, but I do not think DiMillos is upscale.  It's very 'tired' looking and the food is not worth the price. 

    I would suggest the Saltwater Grille in South Portland, they have a very nice upstairs.

    What about the Inn on Peaks Island?  I've heard good things there from some friends. 
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    cliff house is great but has a 16,000 minumum
    the nonantum as well, also a 16,000 or so minumum.

    I agreee. domillios is way over priced for what you get and the staff is always snooty to me.

    Oh bar harbor is georgous... but  more like mid maine.
    Hotels in York Maine which is pretty much new hampshire would also be great places. york harbor inn maybe?


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    We had our RD at Dimillos, and while they did a great job w/ our dinner I would not suggest having your wedding there AT ALL. There are much nicer places in Portland, and it's a tourist trap as well. My MIL picked it for our RD.
    There is the Portland Club, Musueum of Art, The Eastland (we got married there in the ballroom, but they have a smaller cocktail room w/ a fireplace and it's cute)
    Also the Regency Hotel, and Portland Harbor Hotel
    In Kennebunkport, On the Marsh, White Barn Inn, Kennebunkport Inn.
    In York-The Stage Neck Inn is very pretty, although they've had bad luck in the past with catching on fire...
    The York Harbor Inn is very pretty, and I loved it, but it was too small for us.
    York Harbor Reading Room-Private Club, but nice location

    Also since you are having a smaller wedding, I would think most places wouldn't charge you the wedding rate, and more a function rate as it's more manageable of a size for a venue.

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    Thank you all so much!  I've been looking into the York Harbor Inn, the Stage Neck, and also the Dockside Quarters which I haven't heard mentioned.  Any feedback on the Dockside?
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    I havnt heard of dockside- but deff look into the whitebarn in in kennebunk

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    pier 77 in  kennebunkport- food is amazing and its right on the water
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