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Hi Everyone - My fiance and I are planning a wedding for the summer of 2012, and are strongly considering York Harbor Reading Room.  We visited a bunch of places last weekend (Blue Sky, Union Bluff Meeting House, Clay Hill Farm, Red Barn at Outlook Farms, and the Reading Room).  We live in NJ so it was a special trip up.

We love the Reading Room, but its at the top of our budget, so we want to make sure its wonderful.  However they don't offer a tasting, and food is really important to us.  Have any of you ever attended a wedding there, or had your own there?  Since its a private club, the weddings they do are limited and reviews are harder to find.

Any recommendations or advice is appreciated!

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    I looked there as well. I was pretty unimpressed with the fact that you're paying thousands for the room and they won't give you a tasting. I chose to go somewhere else (couldn't blame you if you picked it - it's stunning!) and in looking at vendors I had a few tell me that the Reading Room staff is really difficult to work with. Just what I heard - it's totally hearsay, but I wanted to pass it along anyway. 

    Good luck in picking a place! It sounds like you have some amazing options!! :)
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    7+ years ago, I went to a wedding there and really enjoyed it. The food was good not out of this world but I remember they did buffet style and I just wasn't blown away by the options. I did however want to have my wedding there for the scenic view and the quaint feeling. And when it was time to look at venues, they were first on the list. It was a little more than we wanted to pay, you have to have open bar and you can't have a tasting. The venue rental was about 7,000 and we thought that was too steep for us. So we opted against it. We did think they were very friendly and have it down to a science. They book up quick and only had two dates available the month we were looking for. So they are very busy. Hope that helps and Good Luck!

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