Ducktrap Anyone?

Hi everyone!  FI and I are seriously considering Ducktrap Retreat for our August 2012 wedding.  We LOVE the photos we have seen online.  We need to go visit in person, and are planning to do so in April.  We are wondering about costs though. 

Has anyone used Ducktrap?  If you don't mind sharing, can you tell me what your overall budget (and the breakdown) ended up being?

Thanks!  I'd reeally appreciate it.

Re: Ducktrap Anyone?

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    We're getting married there this fall - we loved it the second we set foot there!

    PM me if you have more specific questions :-)
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    We looked at Ducktrap, but decided to go with somewhere further south, since all of our family is coming from out-of-state (we decided on a place in Freeport).  

    The Ducktrap is lovely.  It would be a lot of DIY and details, because it is just the venue, so you provide/find caterer, florist, music, decorations, etc.  We loved that you rent it for the whole weekend.  The cabins and rooms are very nice.  The man who shows the venue was really helpful and works with each couple to figure out what their needs are and what the pricing structure would look like.  We asked for a quote for the whole property--including all the rooms and cabins--and it was fairly reasonable, we thought.  We were also a little concerned about lodging in the area for all of our OOTers, since the property itself has pretty limited lodging (I think it's 5 2br cabins and 7 guest rooms).  

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    We looked into the Ducktrap as well for our August 2011 wedding, but we ending up going with a different venue.  It is def beautiful and has a lot of potential being that it is all DIY, like one of the other ladies mentioned... but that can be good and bad... depends what you are looking for.  I wanted to be able to just show up, have fun, and leave without the stress, so we decided on a different place that we can do that at. 

    As far as pricing, Justin was great and very helpful... the way he explains it is for someone looking to spend 13k-17k, i think if i remember correctly.  There is only the rental fee for the building and cabin/room rentals that he deals with, the rest is all you and your vendors.. so the price depends on what you find, and if you are paying for the cabins/rooms for all your guests, that would be extra.  You do get one cabin included in the rental fee for you and future hubby, which is nice. 

    One thing that i will mention, and this may not be a big deal at all for you, but it made some of us a little weary when we were considering it.. but you do need to purchase insurance for liability reasons.  It doesnt cost a lot, but just something extra to keep in mind. 

    I would def recommend Ducktrap to someone who wants a really fun, diy type of wedding who has the time and the volunteers to help!! 

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    Another note about Ducktrap--I got the impression that it was best to go with vendors that are familiar with how Ducktrap works and ideally have worked there before.  Justin told us a horror story about a caterer packing up and leaving after freaking out when guests were drinking beer that they had in their cabins at the reception.  Not something I would want to deal with.  So if you're pricing things out, you might want to focus on the caterers that Ducktrap suggests. 

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    Ducktrap is one of the places my Caterer suggested, they do some work up there. You might contact them, The Blue Elephant, to get another opinion as well! Good luck in your search. 
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    Did you book it??? I just found it online and is EXACTLY what I am looking for I can't wait to go visit!!!! Anyone that HAS been married up there please share :) I see your from Boston, my concern was people traveling, what did you think??
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    I have checked it out and it's a beautiful spot that says "Maine" loud and clear!  I think you will really like it.  If you're not familiar with the area I can suggest some excellent vendors if you need them.  I would recommend the Samoset Resort for your RD.  They just opened their new restaurant this week and it's gorgeous!  Alda Stich or Seasons Downeast for your flowers.  Kim Doll from Veloute salon in Rockland for hair (she will come to you). From This Day Forward for your makeup (she will also come to you).  Sticky Fingers in Waldoboro for your cake.  Tropical Nails in Rockport for mani & pedi.  There are many excellent caterers in the area, but I really like Megunticook Market (not a very savvy name, but Lani is well known for her delicious food and upscale presentation).  Good luck!
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    We are very close to booking Ducktrap for September 2012 but having a hard time figuring out what overall cost would be. Would anyone who did have their wedding there be wiling to share budget info? I'd be so appreciative.
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