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We are interested in hearing thoughts on venues in Auburn or Lewiston. We are not really interested in Hotels buy maybe more Bed and breakfast places. Looking to have wedding and reception inside and the venue including a good chunk of things like wedding coordinator day of and linens, tables,  chairs. Our colors are red white and black so I am also looking for anything those colors! Thanks!!

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  • not sure what your budget is but we looked at

    the royal oak room in lewiston. I thought it was gorgeous, but we ended up doing an outdoor wedding.
  • The Royal Oak Room is gorgeous! It was out of my price range, and we went a different route, but it's worth checking out.
    And actually, Lewiston/Auburn magazine has a wedding issue out right now, if you can look through a copy there are a few different venue ideas in the area.
  • Thank you ladies :) That was actually the first place we looked but the lady stopped keeping in contact with us :( It is nice there and they include alot but i'm finding that other places include the same for kess or close to the same :) Any thoughts on the ski resort in Auburn? Lost valley i believe...
  • I went to a conference at The Hilton in Lewiston dreamed of having a wedding there.  They have beautiful falls that you can see from these floor to ceiling bay windows.  I recommend at least taking a look.
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