weekend plans?

Anyone have anything fun going on this weekend? 

I think that FI and I are going to order our save the dates and register at William Sonoma (SO EXCITED for this...). Then, we'll be meeting up with my FMIL to plan the menus for our rehearsal dinner. Other than that, we have a send off party for a very good friend of mine who is moving to the UK and I have a lot of studying to do this weekend. 

Enjoy the weekend everyone!
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Re: weekend plans?

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    Hmmm, I'm not sure we have much wedding related going on.  I just ordered some fabric online to have our tablecloths custom made and I'm keeping my fingers crossed I love it as much in person.  Having them made is going to save us quite a bit of money, and I'm excited!  I may work on some of my floral crafts, but otherwise I think it's mostly laundry, cooking, and drinks tonight with my girlfriends to celebrate a buddy's promoition.

    Let me know what you think of Williams Sonoma.  We are hitting a Crate and Barrell registry party in early March and then will be doing WS as well.  We might throw in Bed Bath and Beyond for good measure. 
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    Other than working on a 15 page paper for my graduate course...NOTHING!

    And I'm VERY happy about this.
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  • amshaw1amshaw1 member
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    FI will be out ice fishing up north and I have ZERO plans.  So prolly lots of wedding googling, catching up on DVR, maybe a shopping trip. 
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    Working... yuck! No wedding stuff planned, but possibly working on my MOH's bridal shower.
  • meg213fmeg213f member
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    Went to the travel agency to book our honeymoon today!! Other than that just laying low for the weekend.

    We registerd at WS as well. Have SO much fun.

    They have excellent knive sets that are pricey but why not, right?? :)

    Have a great weekend everyone!

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    WR:  Finish up my registry stuff at Macy's & Kohls.. Ordering my photobook/guestbook.. looking through more center piece pictures.. Looking up invitations and hopefully ordering them!  And filling out/sending deposit for the florist!  Maybe taking on my first diy project & making some table numbers..

    NWR:  Work!  Boo.. lots of laundry, cleaning, cooking, gym, etc.. wicked fun stuff :)
  • schadbourneschadbourne member
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    oh its the weekend?

    internship and work, oh yes and homework, I am personally looking forward to Monday (my weekend)
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