Spring Hill

We are going to look at Spring Hill in South Berwick. Has anyone been to a wedding there or looked there? Just looking for some insight before we make the decision!!!

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    Becca403Becca403 member
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    I went to a wedding at Spring Hill in June and am going to one there next month.  What I really liked about the venue is that there is a wrap around porch where guests can mix and mingle throughout the night.  I really enjoyed this as it can get hot inside with all the dancing!  The wedding I went to in June had a buffet dinner which was very good!  Normally I feel like I leave weddings hungry, but this wedding had plenty of food and it was good food!  Hope that helps!
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    jena.n.rossjena.n.ross member
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     I've been to 2 or 3 weddings there.  The thing I don't like about it, is that it's just kind of a big box inside, not much going on, plain white walls, etc.  The porch is amazing.  The outdoor wedding space is fine, but guests are just steps from the parking lot.  Thankfully it's a quiet area.  The food is quite good.


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    mlhw NHmlhw NH member
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    I have been to one wedding there.  They had a buffet meal.  I remember not having to wait a long time to go into line for food and the food was good.  They had prime rib and one other choice.  I wish I had thought of spring hill when I was reception shopping!!
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