BAH! - Hit a road block

So I have my venue and my rentals all set up and I was under the impression that I had my bartender as well. He was a really nice guy, very down to earth. We had not sent our deposit yet because he has not asked for it. Well I emailed him the other day and asked about something and he asked me again when my date was and I told him, thinking that it was werid that he did not have it written down. He responses back and says that he has already been booked for that date and has been for a while. I asked, thinking maybe he had us written down and just had it written down wrong. NOPE! Different person completely with a different venue. I need to find an inexpensive, Licensed and Insured Bartender for my date. Any suggestions?
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Re: BAH! - Hit a road block

  • i know this may seem kinda sketchy but you could always post an add on craigs list but be very careful of who you choose.... if i think of any other ideas i'll post!
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    too sketchy for me haha
    The guy I had before was with a catering company. Does anyone know of any catering companys that just do bartending?

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