Need help with Music for church ceremony

We are getting Married in an Episcopalian church, and my brother in law is playing acoustic guitar for the ceremony music.... the only problem is I have NO clue how many songs to choose for him to learn?!? Can anyone help?!

Re: Need help with Music for church ceremony

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    edited December 2011
    depends on what you want him to play for, just the ceremony interlude music?  If he's going to play music while guests are filing in, it's recommended that you have 45-60 minutes of pre-ceremony music.  Some people have music throughout the ceremony (i.e. thru the prayer, the unity candle, etc so 1 song for each).  If him playing throughout the entire prelude, ceremony, and postlude is just too long (it would be for me!)  put a mix cd together with some great instrumental music to compliment his skils :)
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