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So I refuse to put the registry information on my invites but I am putting it on my website but I am not sure how to word it would out saying "get me this"
We are going to register at Target and Macys but we also LOVE Ikea but they do not have a registry so what is a nice way to put the places we are registered and also ask for Ikea gift cards if they do not want to do target or Macys?

here is what I was started to write before i realized that it sounded like i was saying "you better get me a gift"
We are registered at Target & Macy's
But if neither of these interest you then we would also love and Ikea giftcard.

does that sound like we are saying that they better get us a gift? I dont want to sound that way. How would you word this?
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Re: registry wording

  • --ps Molly 5 months 1 week and 1 day. Are you Kidding me??!?!?!?!???!?!?!? haha (sorry seeing my timeline made me freak a littleLaughing)
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  • Are you having a shower?  It would be acceptable for the people throwing your shower to say the couple is registered at Target and Macy's, but they would also appreciate gift cards to Ikea. 

    As for your website, it's too bad that IKEA doesn't let you buy gift cards online.  Linking directly to that would have been perfect, but since that itsn't an option, maybe saying "We are beginning to furnish our new home and have spotted many potential items at IKEA.  Gift cards would also be appreciated." 

    Or you could just list them and not say anything else about it.

    We are registered at:
    IKEA Gift Cards (available in store or by calling _____________)

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  • I like hcorrigan's (again!) idea of listing them. It says that you'd like them, without too many words. Your OP wording does rub me the wrong way a little, but I honestly have no ideas of how to fix it :) 
  • We let everyone know the address to our wedding website (we included it on our invitations). Our friends and family can go there to see pics of us, get directions to the ceremony and reception, etc. We have a page that lists registry information and tells them a little bit about what we like (restaurants, etc). We did Macy's and Kohl's registries but only listed a dozen or so items on each because we don't really need anything. Most of our friends and family know that gifts aren't important to us but we put the ideas out there because they specifically asked us to. Also, I found that the registry 360 option worked well for gifts that didn't have registry options available on the webisite.
    Just my two cents! Penny L G M
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