Caterers for Northern Maine Wedding

Anyone know of any good caterers in the Presque Isle area? Also looking in the Bangor area... I've just been finding Portland catering through Google searches and their travel costs to get to PI are insane! I would like some sort of BBQ style, but I'm VERY flexible :)

Re: Caterers for Northern Maine Wedding

  • I'm from Bangor.  

    Jeff's Catering is affordable, but (I find) very basic in flavor.  They might do well with BBQ.

    I'm having my reception at Morgan Hill, which uses Jolain's Gourmet (  I have heard awesome reviews of Jolain's, and I know they have an on-site BBQ starting at $16 pp (probably more for off-site).  
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    Have you checked with any of the restaurants in the area? Sometimes they will cater, especially for something easy like a BBQ. I'm not 100% sure, but I think there are some take-out BBQ places around there.  Keep us posted.
  • There are very few restaurants in the area that do catering. Trust me, I've checked everywhere! haha It's starting to get quite frustrating...
  • I came back to theknot to get some info on invitations for my sister's wedding so I hope you don't mind me butting in!

    Moe's BBQ on Broadway Bangor caters, I have no idea what they would charge to go to Preque Isle, if they even would, but it might be worth asking.  Everyone that I know that's been there says it's really good. 

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    Did you check with the caribou inn? I don't know mucha bout them but I believe they do catering.

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