So I finally went dress shopping with two of my three bridesmaids (the third lives on the other side of the country so I am still unsure as to hwo to go dress shopping with her) and we found two dresses and their color will be Lapis (David's Bridal color name aka dark purple) But what color should the guys wear?

My colors are brown green and purple. If the girls are wearing purple, should the guys wear purple as well? I was thinking they would wear green but the fiance doesnt think that it will look good together, I think it will, bah I just need other opinions and I know you girls are full of them :) Please help!

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Re: colors

  • I think generally the guys ties/vests do match the bridesmaids. Guys in green and girls in purple could clash a bit, but it probably depends on the shade of green you're thinking about. David's site has a thing called Dress Your Wedding where you can play around with different dresses and suits and colors to see how your whole bridal party will look together. 

    It's kind of fun to play with it while you're still in the "figuring it out" stage.
  • Do any of the dresses you chose have the option of adding a sash to them?  If the girls had on the purple dress with a green sash, then I think the guys would look okay.  Otherwise, I think it looks off when the guys don't match the girls.
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  • I know this isn't in your colors...but I personally think a dark grey would look nice on the guys with a green/purple bout. to bring in color?
  • Molly- The girls are going to be wearing different dresses, all satin, all short just different styles. What I was thinking was the guys match but the Best man have a different color tie and the MOH have a sash or something.
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