Southern Maine Farm/Barn/Mill Reception Site that allows outside alcohol!!

Hello!  I hope I can get some help/advice here.  My fiance and I are looking for an unconventional reception site.  An old mill space, farm with a pretty view or a barn big enough to hold 125 guests.  We are wanting to decorate and make the space vintagey, country-chic and rustic.  We want to spend less than 3k on the reception site and do not mind whether we have to cater or use the facilities for the food.  An extra bonus would be that outside alcohol is allowed at the venue.  If anyone has any suggestions please post!!!!!

Out of the question:
Barn on Walnut Hill---way to expensive
Laudholm Farms----no smoking allowed and 2k over budget

Everything helps!  Perhaps you know a family friend (with a bit of land we could put a tent on or owns a barn we could rent) who wants to make a few grand!!!!  We are up for anything!

Re: Southern Maine Farm/Barn/Mill Reception Site that allows outside alcohol!!

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    You might consider looking at some of the nicer summer camps in the area. They tend to be cheap and allow outside catering and alcohol.

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    How far north are you willing to look?

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    EML:  Do you have names of the nicer camps??  We live in San Diego, so it's hard to search from afar!  :)

    jessicabessica:  We are going to have multiple guests from out of town so I would say no more north than the Lewiston/Auburn area.  They would fly into Boston/Manchester or Portland, then stay in a hotel near the reception site.  We are waiting on pricing from the Royal Oak Room in Lewiston, that is the farthest we can go.

    Thank you both!!
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    camp ketcha

    if you hire a bartender, you can bring your own alcohol
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    I was just going to say camp ketch in scarburough :) beautiful place
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    red barn at outlook farm, south berwick?
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    I was looking for a similar venue, but the ones you mentioned were out of my budget. I have decided on camp ketcha. You can definitely bring in your own alcohol. I am only having about 75 guests but i believe the great room can accommidate up to 150.
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    Do you mind if I ask how far out of budget the Barn on Walnut Hill was? We have been considering it (just beginning to scout venues) but don't want to make a trip all the way up from CT if it is completely unreasonable...

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