Portland Club and/or Black Tie Catering

hi everyone--

This is my first post! yay! :)
I am wondering what people have heard or experienced about the Portland Club or Black Tie Catering.
I've been in contact with one of their event planners for a couple weeks now, and am considering them as a reception site for my wedding next fall.
I've already done a lot of digging around, but want to cover all my bases, so thought I'd ask around here as well.

Re: Portland Club and/or Black Tie Catering

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    Hi! Black Tie Catering did my friend's wedding a few weeks ago and although my experience has been limitied to just eating the reception food, it was really, really good.  amazing gourmet food!  And Amy, just emailed me about possibly using them because my wedding was cancelled by Eastland two weeks ago.  I am going to be having my reception at Grace Restaurant though, but she was very nice in her emails to me.  Good Luck!
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    One of my co-workers had his wedding at the Portland Club (I didn't attend) and said it was amazing.
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    i have been to many events over the years catered by blacktie.  They are of the best consistantly.   Can't say enough good things about them.  Always great and they are very professional
    best of luck !
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    Hello, this is my 1st post! :) I'm also curious about others' experience with Black Tie. I'm thinking about booking them for my destination wedding in Portland, but I'm really nervous doing it blind. There's hardly any reviews for them and most of them aren't recent either. Can anyone else please chime in and give us your opinion and experience? Thanks for your help :)
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    My best friend got married there in June 2010 and did a brunch wedding for maybe 125 (I was here MOH)...the space was very pretty and guests had a lot of room to spread out (it was great to have the game room for pool). The food was good, too (though omelet stations took waaay too long). I believe Amy was the event planner for her, too.

    The ONLY problem that arose was space for ended up raining on her day so many were taken inside. Black and whites came out great. Some of the rooms in color were a strange flesh color, but were nice. There wasn't a lot of places for them to take photos outside (and time was too short due to the weather).

    Overall, great service and a beautiful wedding :)
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