Senator Inn & Spa/Augusta & Waterville area venues

Hi! I'm wondering if any of you have been to weddings/had your wedding at the Senator Inn & Spa in Augusta?? I'm loving the way it looks but am in the way early planning stages!

I'm located in the Waterville/Augusta area, so please throw out any other venues you've heard have a good reputation!

Thanks in advance!! xo

Re: Senator Inn & Spa/Augusta & Waterville area venues

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    my friend had a very very very small wedding there...her reception including her husband and herself was only 10 people. They did a private room for us, and everything was really nice.
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    Have you checked the Maple Hill BnB
    one of my girl friends  had her's there. They have a wedding show there around the first of the year. She had I Do Spas come out and do everyones hair, makeup and nails. She loved the place and said they where really nice to work with. I thought it was beautiful.
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