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  • I can't speak from first had experience, but I know of a girl from my high school that does make-up. Her name is Jessica Cunningham Candage. I know she does make-up for a lot of photo shoots with Tess (who did some of the Maine girl's boudouir shots I believe?).

    My sister did my make-up so I can't really recommend from first hand experience. :)
  • I used Joya Beauty out of NH, but she travels.  She does airbrush makeup - AMAZING!!!
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  • I'm using Joanne from Joya for my wedding in September this year! She comes HIGHLY recommended.
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  • i would recommend either of the michaels that work at mac in the maine mall. they are AMAZING!
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  • I am looking too... I want airbrush and most of the salon's in Portland Maine don't specifiy.  Also- I want a really simple hairstyle and it seems like regardless I am going to be paying a lot!  I may look into the lady from NH who travels!
  • The one I mentioned above does airbrush.
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    My make up artist did my trial for free and she does airbrush.
    The results!!!!!!!! amazing for pics and video

    She is located near to wallmart in Windham. Call me if you want her contact and I can share with you.  207-482-3778
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