Another Venue Dilemma

Hi Everyone, I am fairly new to planning our wedding and I had a few questions as far as venues. After some research I have narrowed down my choices to the Landing at Pine Point, Marriott at Sable Oaks in South Portland and Stage neck Inn ( which is a stretch as far as distance). From previous posts I have noticed some poor reviews as far as The Landing at Pine Point, wondering what the explanation may be. Anybody have experiences with these three or have other suggestions, I am looking for a winter wedding, late afternoon, elegant venue. Thank you! Bri

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Re: Another Venue Dilemma

  • The word is that it may close or at the very least there will be new owners soon.....I saw a post about the company running it getting evicted?  I also saw some other very disturbing posts which may or may not be true....I guess it's finacially troubled?

    Just be careful please...I remember years ago The Pavilion changed hands and dozens lost thier venue and deposits.

    I am not sure how to get at the truth....sorry/

    Best wishes,


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