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Has anyone had their wedding or been to a wedding at the Port City Music Hall in downtown Portland? It looks like a great alternative venue choice for music lovers but there aren't many pictures online. Any information would be appreciated!!


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  • Yes, my friend was married there this past September. It was really nice!  It was definitely a less "tradional" vibe but it fit her event perfectly!  She has the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception there.  She has Black Tie cater and the food was great.  Her boyfriend is in a band, so they played for the reception. It was a great vibe and the bar is huge so i never really waited a second for a drink :)
  • I've not been to a wedding there, but have been to other events.  It's a great space! I hope you post some pics if you choose to get married there! I love the idea!

    When I went to the concert they also had the downstairs open with billiards, which might be a great idea to have a "get'away" place for folks who need a break from all the dancing.

  • I love the space.  The biggest challenge with that place is parking.  They don't have dedicated parking spaces, and on a weekend in Portland, you guests are going to have to find a garage or lot to park in.  Not really an issue if your guests are familiar with the area, but it's definitely something to think about if you have people who don't know where to park or how much it's going to cost them.

    ce827 - How was the temperature in there for a wedding?  For any show I've been to there, even ones that weren't heavily attended, it ended up feeling like it was 9000 degrees in there.  What ever they have for a cooling system could not handle the 500ish people there at all.
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    Thanks for much for your feedback. It sounds like it might be perfect for us. I'd rather not have the ceremony there but it seems like the perfect place for a reception. 
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    Port City is a great venue for weddings! I go there a lot and know some of the people who work there.

    It has a really cool design with stenciled walls, swanky lounge furniture, and wall lighting displays. Too bad there aren't more pictures online. I'm sure you could contact them (or Black Tie, who provides catering there) and ask to do a walk-through... or get them to email photos to you, because they have a ton.

    For parking, you can suggest the Free Street parking garage, and ask the garage if you can set up a validation system where you pay for the wedding guests in advance and give the guests a validated ticket to get out free. It's just a short block from Port City.

    Port City does get hot, but that's usually when there are a ton of people dancing, and humidity from outside is leaking in from people constantly coming and going. There are a ton of AC controls throughout the building, so you can talk to management about a lower temp. setting.

    It would be a really cool wedding ceremony site if you're looking for something less traditional (getting married where thousands of people have had a great time rocking out!), and definitely a perfect spot for a reception. Plus, unlike so many reception venues, it can stay open until 1 am! And you can be really loud! Don't forget about billiards downstairs, kids, guys and ladies will be so happy for a spot to chill out! All the guests will be so excited to attend an event at an awesome downtown Portland nightlife spot!
  • Hcorrigan-Yes it was warm now that I think back.  Weird. Maybe the heating system is a little on the warm side?  Port City is such a cool venue!!
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