Brown Tuxedos?!?!?

I found a bouquet that i absolutely fell in love with so i'm trying to plan my wedding colors around that... they are brown, burgandy, burnt orange and gold.  Yes, probably crazy to plan the whole thing around flowers, but i love it and i do love the color scheme.  However, i'm having a hard time trying to determine if the groom and groomsman should wear brown tuxedos or just wear black ones.  All the pictures i find online show the girls in brown dresses and the men in black tuxedos... 

I also read that brown tuxedos are considered inappropriate at any wedding...

Any comments/suggestions?

Re: Brown Tuxedos?!?!?

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    I did a google image search to get the full picture.

    Are the girls wearing brown as well?  If they are, then I'm not sure I'd like that look.  It would probably be challenging to get their browns to match perfectly, so that might look a bit odd.  The look of a black tux with a brown vest isn't horrible - we wore "latté" colored dresses in a friend's wedding and the guys had black tuxes with latté vests and it looked good.

    If the girls are wearing a different color, then I say go for it with the brown, and have the guys wear vests that match the dress color. 

    Once upon a time, long long ago when I was planning a wedding without having a groom, I had envisioned burnt orange dresses and possibly brown tuxes with the orange vest.  My H vetoed the color orange as soon as we started talking about a summer wedding, so I never got the chance to try it out.
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    Hi! We did brown tuxes and both of us loved them!! The girls wore champangne and guys wore brown. Our wedding was pretty formal. I didn't get our pro pics back yet but here is one that someone took. Hope it helps. Good Luck!

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    I Like what HCorrigan said- the brown vests and brown dresses. that would look very nice!
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    I'm using brown instead of black at my wedding, too. Instead of a tuxeudo my FI will wear a chocolate brown jacket with tan pants.  He's 6'2" so I'm not sure he could rock brown head to toe. :P

    I love  brown, I think it's a more wam alternative to black, and like you said it's a color you can incorperate into you decor easily and looks beautiful with gold accents. And like what was said before, there are so many shades of brown you can choose from!
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