Sperry Tents?

Has anyone heard of sperry tents or know anything about them? I had heard they were cheaper then the big white wedding tents. Does anyone have any input?

Re: Sperry Tents?

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    They are not cheaper.  But according to everyone I have spoken with, they are far superior in quality and customer service.  Also, they are very pretty and create beautiful photography conditions.
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    When I was looking into tent rentals, Sperry Tents definitely came out to be more expensive.  But they are very pretty.
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    I got a quote from them and it was definitley more expensive than others.  However, a quote I got from a mom and pop place which was way cheaper -- the lady never got back to me as of my last contact with them a few weeks ago. 

    For Sperry, I only submitted an online request for a quote and their rep called me and was SUPER awesome.  I decided a floor was too expensive so she re-did the quote for me and I had it in my email in like 10 minutes  .Their tents are gorgeous too.
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    the sperry tents are amazing, they are actually made out of sailing fabric by a local company. i think if you can splurge it if worth is as you get a whole different feeling with these tents. also the company has an amazing rep!
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