Ducktrap Retreat - have you visited?

If you've visited the Ducktrap Retreat, I am in need of your input! We're planning a smallish wedding in midcoast region. I live in Pittsburgh and my mom called the Ducktrap to discuss a site visit. The property manager told  her that my wedding size of approximately 40 guests was too small for the venue. And they were essentially unwilling to show us the property. I know the deck is quite big, but what about the inside space? We are looking in October after all. All of our guests are from out of town and we thought this was a great option for the venue plus lodging.

I would love some firsthand reports of what the venue looks will help me decide whether to push for a site visit or just look elsewhere.


Re: Ducktrap Retreat - have you visited?

  • I've seen the venue and it seemed very nice and tucked away, but you might also want to check out a couple of other nice places in the midcoast.  The Whitehall Inn does a really nice job of weddings and 40 people is probably perfect for them.  The Camden Amphitheatre is a gorgeous (outdoor) place for the ceremony, and right down the road from them. You can get info about them from the Camden Library.  I also love the Samoset and they are very easy to work with and will help you come up with something very nice that works for you.  The Camden Harbour Inn is also a perfect spot for a small wedding and again, the location is spectacular.  If you need vendor help just let me know.  Good luck!
  • Point Outlook is nearby and is amazing...
  • Sorry, late to this discussion, but if you're still reading---

    I visited the Ducktrap, it's gorgeous.  I personally think it would be nice for 40 people, especially since you wouldn't reliably be able to use the outdoor space.  Did you explain that you really like the idea of everyone being able to stay on-location?  Did you ask for a budget quote to get the whole facility (including lodging)?  Maybe they think your budget for a 40-person wedding is way below what they charge for the facility--if you know how much it costs and you would be willing to pay that much, I don't know why they wouldn't show it to you.  IME, they don't have someone there who can show it all the time, and especially in the off-season, they may not be able to show it to you without some advanced notice--we had to wait a few weeks for the person to be back from vacation.

    Other places to look--

    Mount n'Sea (should find if you google) is a big house you can rent in Northport.  Beautiful view, although I don't think it's as well-maintained as Ducktrap (it's also probably just older).  On-site lodging options in the house, not sure for how many.

    Lucerne Inn in Dedham.  Really pretty view, not sure what size weddings they do (we have eaten there, but didn't look at it as a wedding venue). 

    We looked at the Samoset, very nice venue and location.

    We got married at the Harraseeket Inn (it was between there and Ducktrap) and it was lovely.  I don't know what kind of packages they do for a smaller wedding--we had 150--but I would highly recommend checking them out.  One major factor for us was that it was much more accessible for out-of-town guests (i.e., everyone) than places further north. 

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