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I need to let people know when the ferry will depart to get to the ceremony/reception site.  Is that okay to write on the invitation?  If I wrote something like:

"the ferry will depart Casco Bay Lines at 3 pm"

Is that okay?  Any other suggestions?

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    I think that sounds ok.    You're probably safest to put it on the invitation so people get that there is a ferry schedule.  :)
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    I would include it in the invites just to make your guest aware that your wedding isn't on the mainland.  I would put it at the bottom of your invitation after your general wedding info. I would also include the town in which the ferry is located, as some guests may not know.

    The ferry will depart the Casco Bay Lines in the Old Port of Portland, Maine at 3:00pm

    I think that's where it is, but either way you get what I ma trying to say.
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    You're getting married in the summer right?

    Are you including information about parking, ferry tickets, etc. elsewhere (wedding website)?

    That parking garage tends to fill up quickly on weekends, and I was just curious if you were going to provide alternative parking suggestions.  If someone isn't overly familiar with Portland, they might not know where else to go to find parking nearby. 

    While I understand that people are adults and responsible for their own time schedules, I know a few of my friends would be screwed if they had to find someplace else to park and try to make the ferry on time since they never give themselves extra time to get somewhere. 
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    Yeah.. the ferry is actually 3:15.. which is why I'm actually saying 3.. so they have extra time to park!  But I do love the idea of giving them ideas about parking.. I'm also going to be looking for a hotel in which they can check in before hand and that has a shuttle that can get them back and forth if they are staying there.  Otherwise all of my family is familiar with the ferry schedule & Portland so it's mostly just his family & friends!  Thanks for the input!!
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