Open Letters...

sometimes writing letters you'll never send can be therapeutic, give it a shot here. 


Dear whoever,
please stop doing, start doing, etc, whatever it is that's bugging me.  It bugs me because x, y, and z.

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    mainemommymainemommy member
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    Dear FI,
    Please start being slightly more supportive of the choices we have made together for this wedding. I havent made a single choice without you so when you ask "So our wedding color is blue?" or "We're having a butterfly theme?" It makes me want to punch you. It bothers me on a million different levels & Im afraid the next time something like that comes out of your mouth I am going to assault you.
    Also we're less than 3 months out, we need wedding bands. Stop being your procrastinating self & take me shopping dammit!

    Dear rain,
    Please stop, my kids are going stir crazy & its giving me a headache.
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    Dear FORMER Wedding Photographer,

    Thank you for validating my choice to cancel our contract after numerous unanswered calls and e-mails. The fact that you were so quick to respond with a rude and childish attitude to the cancellation letter is a true testament to your character. I'm not event bitter to have lost our $750 deposit, becuase now I am sure that I will not be the bride still waiting for my pictures 6 months after my wedding! 
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    krisdoug13krisdoug13 member
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    Dear Classmates, 

    Please have the common courtesy and stop Facebooking, chatting, shopping, texting, balancing your checkbook and catching up on news during class.  Your crops aren't going to die - they're virtual, they don't really exist, it'll be okay if you don't go water them until break.  Especially you psycho-typer (by the way I'm just waiting for the day you hit one of your keys so hard it comes flying off at you, I'll be the one laughing hysterically).  It is VERY distracting for the rest of us - especially when you go nuts on your key board and actually start laughing in class.  Not to mention how rude and disrespectful it is to our professors.  When ever you act in this behavior it makes me want to hide in the back of the room so as to not be associated with any of your immaturity.  If you don't want to be here then don't come to class, attendance is not mandatory and clearly what the teacher has to say is not that important to you anyways.  

    Additionally, please stop bashing other professors to the current professors, you make our class look like a bunch of whiny might be, well actually you are one, but please stop giving the portrayal that the entire class is, it's embarrassing.  Stop bashing the professors and saying how much "we" didn't learn...because in fact those of us that weren't facebooking and actually gave the new learning style a chance, ya we actually DID learn something. Stop belittling them, just because you don't like them doesn't mean they aren't worthy or respect.  And for crying out loud, if I hear another one of you refer to them by their name and not address them in a respectful, professional manor I will without hesitation yell DOCTOR.  That is what they are, they hold a Ph.D. you may be all buddy buddy with them but in the classroom environment around others you should address them in a respectful manor.  Oh, and p.s. tomorrow the doors will be locked at 8:00 a.m. and every time class reconvenes after break - so get there on time if you actually want to attend lecture, ya again disrespectful and distracting.  Set your alarm clock 5 min earlier in the morning.  You are routinely late and have been since the beginning of classes, class times have not changed so get with the program!  Thanks so much!

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    dmartineau1dmartineau1 member
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    Dear mom and sister,

    Please stop calling my wedding a "princess wedding" because i want some traditional aspects. please stop acting like i'm a stuck up snob because im willing to spend more than my older sister...i just started planning so lay off
    Dear girl friends, please stop lying to me so i can choose a 3rd bridesmaid. Now that I have found out your lies, i have no one to complete my bridal party
    Dear fiance, thank you for ebing so amazing and understanding:)
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