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    FI and I shop at Aldi all the time.  We love that you can fill up a grocery cart for about $100-$130.  You can't do that at Giant Eagle or Shop 'n Save.  We often hit up a regular grocery store or Target too to get some items that we are particular about name brand for...It does take some trial and error experience though.  We've found that we like some of their products, but that some others are just not to our liking.  i.e Their steaks were horrible, but their ground meat and pork chops are delish.  Most of the non-perishables and canned goods are just the same as the name brand items, just repackaged.It's hit or miss with produce sometimes too.  They get it in such large quantities - so if you are there when it first comes in it is yummy, but if it has sat around it losses freshness
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