wedding budgets? on track? or broke the bank??? :)

when we first started planning i was thinking $15,000 then that quickly went to $20,000 now two months away and we are reaching $33,000 total. our wedding is in newry,maine on  sunday river and will have about 45 people. needless to say if i spent one more penny im going be getting a divorce not a marriage :) 
who else has blown there budget? whoes been good and stuck with what was planned? 

Re: wedding budgets? on track? or broke the bank??? :)

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    We are on track for our budget if not a little under.  Ours is $10,000 and we are getting married at The Lakewood Inn Restaurant in Madison with 72 guests.
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    We are right on track with a budget somewhere between 8000 - 9000.  I've decided to DIY my bouquets (less than $100) and purchased my invitation kits with coupons so that only cost me $40.  At first I was freaked out by the size of my budget but I've realized it's completely do-able. 
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    right now im  right on track my little tiny budget of 5,000. But of course it helps that my photographer, dj and makeup are all 'friends' and are giving me great deals and my mom is making my dress, i am making tp flowers for centerpieces and bought all the vases for under 2 dollars. I also found a veil on Etsy that i have fallin in love with for 40 bucks. My cermony venue is 200 dollars and reception is 500.

    i think being engaged for 2 years has also helped with bargins and early booking discounts.

    I think keeping on my budget will be easy because I don't feel as though I "need" certain things that most brides want, and my wedding is a good mix of tradtion and offbeat details
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    Our wedding budget is $10,000 for 150 or so guests. So far, we are under budget and sitting at about $9000 for everything. 

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    Our budget was $5000, and we ended up at $5500.  We had about 65 people at the wedding.


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    I am on track so far with my $4,000 budget and $1,000 of that is from my parents. I would love to be able to spend more, but refuse to put a financial strain on ourselves or my parents!
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    Ohh Amanda, we are blowing our budget too!  Our numbers are similar to yours as well.  Must be our venue.  haha.  We are having 60 people, but our budget is getting blown up for different things we are incorporating over the weekend including the rehearsal dinner (lobster bake) and a cookout.  We feel if we are taking away a long weekend from people, then we need to entertain them.  We haven't finalized our rentals yet either, so there's still time to have the budget keep creeping up!  What items did you go over on?  I'm interested to hear where the extra costs came in that you weren't planning on.
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    oh chrispygirk(whats your name? feel weird calling u chrispy :) im so glad im not the only one! im fortunate enough its not that big of a deal and would rather have everything everyway i want. well here are some scary numbers considering my guest list is around 50 people including 8 kids, ok here i go...venue $8500, caterering $13500 (includes rentals) wedding planner $2999, dress $5500, alerations $ unknown yet!, booze $1500,flowers $700, band $1200,photography $ 1100, photobooth $700.....those are some of our big numbers still odds and ends like vases and other stuff....just for those that arent counting like me thats $35699!!! god  hope my fiance doesnt see this!
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    Haha!  I know the feeling Amanda!  My name is Christine by the way.  My last name begins with "P" so my nickname for years has been Chrispy.  :) 

    Our catering and rentals will be coming in less than yours I believe, but we are not having a raw bar either.  :)  We still haven't finalized our rentals either.  Our wedding planner will be a bit cheaper and my dress was only $1,200.  Our photographer was more (almost $3k) and our dj was more ($1,400) and I think our flowers will be more too.  We've budgeted $3k for alcohol, but that's for the whole weekend.  It's funny though, our final numbers are around the same.  It will be interesting to see where we both come in at.

    You're only a couple months away now, huh?  Wow, I can't wait to see how everything turns out!!! 
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