What do you think of this timeline?  FI wanted a daytime and I wanted an evening so I tried to split the difference.  He wanted daytime so people could enjoy the beach more, go for walks, throw a frisbee, play some whiffle ball, whatever. (I've always wanted a bride team v groom team game, but that's besides the point...) 
I wanted later as people tend to drink and dance more the later it gets. 

I thought including some 'beach' time before the wedding would give him that 'day at the beach' time that he wanted to include.  Is it enough time? too much?

2:00 pm - apps, drinks, mingle, 'beach time'
3:00 pm - ceremony
3:30 pm - 4:30 more apps, drinks, mingling, while we do pics, maybe start dancing during this time when we finish pics?
4:30/445 pm - dinner
after dinner until 7:30pm - dancing/beach fun/whatever

Re: Timeline

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    I think that's a good compromise, although I'm curious what time of year your wedding will be?  If it's really hot, being on the beach at 2pm might be tough for guests.  But if it's a time when it's a bit cooler and there will be some shade or something, I think you'll be ok. 

    We're doing something similar where we are having pre-ceremony cocktails/food/mingling and then again after the ceremony.  Our after ceremony cocktail time is only 30 minutes, but I think your timing is good because you don't want people eating dinner too early either.  Seems like a good compromise to me!
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    Where is your venue on the beach?
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    Thank you for the input! I totally need it; I am always second guessing any wedding plans I make.  The wedding is late August, the 27th.  Sometimes I know that can be cooler, like mid 70s, as its almost Sept; although last year around that time we had a heat wave.  So probably a crapshoot.

    If I remember right, the patio ends up being shaded in the afternoon; but I am anxious for the snow to melt so I can go check things out again, as its been a couple seasons since I've been there.  (using a friend's beach house in Wells)
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