A wedding band that doesn't sound like a WEDDING band

Hi All!

I'm looking for any suggestions for a band for my belfast wedding. My fiance and I thought we found a bluegrass band we loved, but I've been worried that they won't play enough mainstream music that will get the aunts and uncles (ie the 60+ crowd) up and dancing. However, what originally attracted us to this band was that they were a group we would listen to in any context, not just at a wedding.
So, does anyone have suggestions for a band that will play covers with a "bluegrass" sort of sound. Or any band really that is good!
Thank you

Re: A wedding band that doesn't sound like a WEDDING band

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    I don't know what your budget is, but if you haven't checked out the Tony Boffa Band you really want to do that.  They are fantastic and can play pretty much everything.  I have been to several weddings & events where they played and the floor was packed from beginning to end.  They're also good at getting the guests involved too.  They're in the Portland area.  Good luck!
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    our friends had the delta knights band for their wedding on peaks island.  Wow they were a high energy band !.  Horn driven motown, funk and rock.   My friend said she was really happy with the band leaders communication skills leading up to the big day which made her feel very comfortable and apparently the pricing was far more reasonable than many other bands she checked out which can't hurt.   Good luck !
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