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wondering if anyone else will be doing online rsvping, finally sent my invites out that i made myself and figured it was easier on me and our guest ( 50 guests including us!)  i sent our invites with our wedding website and asked all guests to rsvp on the site, including picking out food choices! one concern i know some may have is some people wont have acess to the internet but i know everyone who we invited do. what do you girls think? too late bto change now anyways since i finally sent our invites out yesterday since our wedding is feb 12!!! yay!

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    We have decided not to do them. Because even though it might save on postage,  I want the number actually written down and in my hand.  It's very easy to type the wrong number or request steak instead of chicken in the online RSVPs, but those are just my thoughts.  I also think that by having all RSVPs in the same place makes it easier on you, and if there are guests who don't have the internet and have to mail it to you, you can't do it all online.
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    well what i noticed is if someone does mail you something you can enter it yourself
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    I'm including RSVP cards for guests to mail in, but I am also including a card with our wedding website address that reads "For additional travel information and the ability to RSVP online please visit our website" My guest list is on the knot as is our wedding webpage, I tested the online RSVP (by RSVPing to our wedding hehe) and it automatically adds the acceptance to my guest list and sends me an e-mail.

    I like the system, but personally, I do not expect a lot of guests to actually use it.

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    Ditto PP,  we are doing both response cards (for grandparents, etc. who don't really use the internet), and a card saying "If you would prefer to RSVP online, please visit..."  So, we don't save any on postage, but FI thought having the online option was cool, so I caved :)
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    i sent my invites out wed and have already have 11 people who have RSVPd! out of 44 guests.
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