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So I have our invites, and have even stuffed all of them to get ready but I'm debating on how to do our guests addresses. I should do what everyone is telling us to do and just print them out on labels but that seems impersonal. Added to the fact that we're using wax seals to close the envelopes because we're dorks ;)

So I was thinking about doing Calligraphy, I think its gorgeous and it would go well with the look of the wax seals and such. I've always been very artsy and creative and I have good penmanship but I dont know....I'm worried I'll screw it up.

Has anyone done this?? Just curious...Thanks!!
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Re: Calligraphy for Invites

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    Unfortunately I did not get to do calligraphy for my own invites, but I did do them as a gift for my sister's wedding a few years back. It is a LONG process. It's not necessarily a difficult one, but it's very time consumer and it will be labor of (hopefully) love if you do it. For my own invites, we had to do lables since I didn't have the time. 

    I'm sure you'll be fine if you decide to try it.
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    I made wrap-around labels for my invites.

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    We are printing our envelopes with a light grey calligraphy font than tracing over with a calligraphy pen. 

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    I am calligraphing mine as I type (well I am taking a little brake rightnow) I ordered 50 extra envelopes and I have had already about 15 that I messed up and had to do over. So If your invites are already in the envelope I would eiter print labels or do the light print and write over. Really cool idea!
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