where to get ready?

hi all--

So my wedding is kind of a semi-destination wedding in that I'm in Central Maine, getting married in Portland.
Lately I've been thinking of the logistics of where to get ready (dressed, hair, make-up, deep breathing, etc, haha). I was thinking of getting a hotel for the night, but most of the places in downtown Portland have a 2 night stay minimum in October (my wedding month), or don't have early check-in.

Does anyone have any other ideas? Or know of places/hotels in the Portland area with an early check-in time?
Worst case scenario, I guess I could travel the hour to the ceremony site with family....but I think that'll make me more stressed.

Re: where to get ready?

  • Does it need to be downtown Portland?

    If you get out of downtown or into South Portland, you might be able to find something that will be more accommodating or not have the 2-night minimum so you could get the place the night before.  It will also be significantly cheaper.
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    where is your rehearsal dinner? if it's in southern maine it might be nice to stay in portland that night.

    my rehearsal dinner is in portland and the wedding is in falmouth. i live here, but don't want to get ready in my little apartment. i booked a hotel room for friday and saturday night. that way, i don't sleep in my apartment the night prior to the wedding (i live with my fiance), and i have a place for me and my bridesmaids to get ready saturday afternoon. i kept the hotel room for saturday night so that we could be there all day saturday.

    saturday night, we're thinking of a few options for the room (it's not nice enough to be a honeymoon suite). what we'll most likely do - offer it as a place to crash for our single guy friends travelling from out of town, and ask them to chip in $40 each or something like that. 

    the cheapeast hotel in portland is the holiday inn. the eastland is cheap but will be closed next summer for renovations. holiday inn will be 150-190. way cheaper to stay in south portland!
  • I hadn't really thought about the fact that we'll be in Portland for the Fri night rehearsal anyway...hmm.....more to think about!
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