What are some songs that ppl are going to play for a entrance song and throughout the reception for fun songs?!?! 

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    There is a music section in my bio if you are interested!
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    I'm having ALL 80's music at the reception, so I had a lot of fun picking songs.

    Entrance - "The Final Countdown"
    First Dance - "Time After Time"
    Cake Cutting - "Eat It" by Wierd Al
    Mother/Son & Bride/Brother (he's walking me down) - "I Can See Clearly"
    Bouquet Toss - "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"

    We're also doing something fun for our tables - we're assigning a song to each table to encourage the folks at that table to get up and dance when that song comes on.   Some of the songs I've picked for that are "1999", "Walkin on Sunshine", "Footloose", and OF COURSE "Rock Lobster"...
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