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Hey girls I need some help. I am going to a bridal shower tomorrow for a person I do not know all that well. We were invited to the wedding out of respect for a friend that passed (its his twin brother's wedding) but I know the grooms side and not the birde. I honestly dont think I have even met her. First off I dont know what to wear since well its Maine and god forbid its warm on the days wehre wearing a dress would be nce. Second I dont know what to get her. Should I get her something off the registry or a gift card? if I got a gift card what should I spend? It is a lower class family so I was thinking like between 25-40 on the giftcard but I am not sure.
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  • I would think something off the registry or a gift card to where she is registered would be fine.  If she has a lot of items in that range for her registry, personally, I would go for the physical gift.  I loved getting some of the things that we really wanted, but didn't necessarily need, off of our registry.  When it came to spending gift cards, we went the practical, necessity route, so we were glad that some people gave us the non-necessity stuff that we had registered for.
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