Dinners- plated or buffet?

SO!  I called my site coordinator (Scott from Mariner's) and he said he has taken another position.  The new coordinator, Carrie, seems really on the ball (FYI other Mariner's brides- shoot her an email because things are always changing!) but I'm starting to rethink our plan for dinner based on her advice.  We were planning on having a buffet because it is easier, but if I have a plated dinner, I can choose one more option, there won't be buffet tables on my dance floor, and it will actually be quite a bit cheaper.  It will mean, however, that I will have to call all of my guests to get their order because invites already went out.  Thoughts?
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Re: Dinners- plated or buffet?

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    I love plated dinners at weddings!  I'm sure there are great reasons for both, but any wedding I've been to with plated dinners have been so nice.  It makes it seem really formal, I think.  As far as calling everyone, how many people are you inviting?  You might be able to do an email or something online for many of your guests, and just call people you don't feel comfortable asking by email.
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    I'm a fan of buffets, you can get what you want and as much as you want...  without anything you don't want...  I hate waste.
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    [QUOTE]I'm a fan of buffets, you can get what you want and as much as you want...  without anything you don't want...  I hate waste.
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    I would personally shy away from the hassle of tracking down everyone and getting their meal choice. It sounds like a lot of work to me. Sucks you couldn't have had this option before!
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    I think that plated dinners are really nice, but where you have already sent out the invites, I guess you have to decide weather the money you save will be worth the hassle to track everyone down and find out what they want.  Buffets are a good way to go too, it give you a lot of options. Good Luck!
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    Personally I'm a fan of plated dinners, but where you've already sent out the invites IDK if it's worth it.  There's nothing wrong with buffets and you do have some great reasons for wanting it.  I'd just stick with it at this point!
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    I prefer plated dinners but it does sound like it may cause some additional stress by having to track down everyones dinner choice.  I say you have to weigh your options with pros and cons and see which one comes out on top:)  Good luck!!!
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    I'm doing a buffet because I've for a bunch of picky eaters.  But I do like the idea of a plated dinner in general... if only everyone ate like me!
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    Since your invites are already out it will be very hard (unless its a small wedding) to change.  However, I REALLY prefer plated meals.   True a buffet is usually easier from a planning stand point but if you have a plated meal then there isnt the unsighlty set up, cattle style line up, or long waits.  I feel its a nicer presentation to have servers flood you floor and delivering meals to everyone within minutes.  And since everyone will be eating at the same time you might actually get to enjoy your meal as well!!!   Good luck!
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