Anyone having a small wedding under 50?

We are having a small wedding of 30 people, the planning process is quite differernt than the traditional large wedding and I was wondering if anyone else is planning something small as well. We have found many beautiful venues that are just way too big:) What have you run in to while planning your intimate wedding?

Re: Anyone having a small wedding under 50?

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    I'm not under 50, but at 60 (which includes 10 kids), I consider myself planning  a small wedding.  It was hard to cut out people, but we love the size.  It allowed us to really think outside the box and plan something different.  We are renting a house called Skiesta in Newry, ME and having a weekend of activities for our guests.  We know we'll be able to spend a lot of quality time with everyone and we're excited about that.  Planning hasn't been too difficult, because of what we're doing, but people are not quite sure how to treat our wedding, which has been a surprise.  I keep getting asked by people if they should dress up for the wedding.  It's just different than what most people have experienced before.  Are you running into any particular struggles?
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    Our wedding was about 60 people. We used my H's grandfather's mansion. If you are having problems with venues, I'd do what Chrispygal is and look into renting a house or small estate.
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    We plan on 40 or so.  We were going to elope but our friend offered to let us use his beach house so we decided to do that and just keep it small.  We're lucky that we're limited by space to about 50 so that is our excuse to keep it small! 

    Anyways, I want more of a backyard 'hey come over for a bbq' kinda feel so the small list of close friends/family helps with that.  The only thing we have run into as far as planning is the expectations of family to invite everyone and anyone.  We aren't going to invite cousins and I am going to selectively invite aunts and uncles.  I know that risks offending people, but there are just some that I never see, and I figure if you don't know what i do for a living or even what town I live in - I appreciate you wanting to be there, but we can get together some other time.
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    We're having 50 people and I agree with PP that getting to that number is the hard part. I have a fairly large family and I just can't have everyone. We wanted to keep it intimate, so that has meant making some sacrifices - no cousins, few friends, telling my mom her friends can't come etc. I think it makes the planning part harder, but I am so looking forward to the wedding weekend, when we have a small enough group that everyone gets to come to the RD and day after brunch, so we get to spend time with all of our guests, not just say hello quickly at the reception.
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    We are having around 70 guests at the wedding (no kids).  Some venue also have smaller rooms or restaurant areas which are more fitted for smaller group receptions.  We are having ours at the Lakewood Inn Restaurant in Madison.  Our venue can hold up to 150, but we are just going to have a bit bigger dance floor and just use the lower half of the restaurant for the dinner. 
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