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Hi all!

I was wondering if anyone could recommend any good/affordable cake vendors?  An independent baker/pastry chef would be great as well!  I'm posting for my best friend who is getting married in September.  The event will be in New Gloucester.  Thanks in advance for the help!!

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  • I used Nothing Bakes Like a Parrott, which is now in South Portland.  My cake was amazing and the price was excellent.

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  • My office is directly accross the street from her shop!  I keep meaning to pop over there to talk to her, but i'm afraid i'll head back across with some yummy goodies that are NOT on my wedding dress diet! haha
  • We haven't been into her shop yet.  I was so excited when I learned that she was making it "big enough" to open her own bakery.

    East End Cupcakes is really good too, but I think they just do cupcakes.
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  • Europen Bakery in Falmouth - Amazing!!
  • Jessica is doing my wedding cake as well. Her shop is adorable and she has reall great energy and ideas. You should stop in!
  • We used Heavenly Delights out of Augusta.
    We originally went with her because she was the only place around that did fake cakes. (If you don't know what a fake cake is, it's basically the top tier is cake [for the actual cake cutting] and the rest of the tiers are Styrofoam. Then you order sheet cakes in the same flavor. The sheet cakes are usually more moist than the regular tiered cakes, and it's much cheaper since she's mostly frosting Styrofoam.  None of your guests need to know either because they can just take the cake in the back so they can "cut" it, and out come the pieces of the sheet cake instead).

    The lady who runs it is named Deb Golden and she runs it out of her home. We went for a tasting and I was a little worried at first because she was really casual and I worried that translated into forgetfulness or unprofessionalism. I was so wrong. Her cakes are seriously delicious, and her designs are spectacular. She has a book to look at of all her designs she's done so far (and has a lot of pictures on her website) and she really is pretty amazing. We gave her a picture of what we wanted and it was exactly what we asked for. And her prices are so reasonable.

    Just be prepared to eat a ton when you go tasting. We had asked for four flavors and she had two cupcakes made of each flavor for a total of 8. We hadn't eaten breakfast so we were on a serious sugar high!!
  • I'm working with Owen Dyer at Confection Art in York and he's AMAZING. Very well priced too. You'd think his cakes cost 3x what he charges. Plus he does everything in buttercream, so no nasty fondant flavoring.
  • We were originally going to go to Good Eats Boutique in Portland.  It is a business that specializes in promoting people who bake out of their homes.  Delicious treats in there, and I've seen some beautiful wedding cake displays.
  • Owen Dyer is doing my cake as well!!! He's my uncle and he is AMAZING!!!!  He makes everything PERFECT!!!  Plus he offers so many flavors and choices and seriously I don't think theres a bad one!!!!! 
  • In Response to <a href="">Re: Cake Vendors</a>:
    [QUOTE]Owen Dyer is doing my cake as well!!! He's my uncle and he is AMAZING!!!!  He makes everything PERFECT!!!  Plus he offers so many flavors and choices and seriously I don't think theres a bad one!!!!! 
    Posted by Laceylu05[/QUOTE]

    </div><div>That's so neat that Owen's your uncle! We had such a ball meeting with him last month to discuss ideas and taste the yummy cakes. He told me about doing his neice's cake that was all blinged out and white on white, is that you?</div>
  • HAHA no but he did both of my cousins cakes and they were both ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! My cousin that got married in May, she gave him free range on the cake...and he asked for colors, theme, and to see the back of her dress....he put the back of the corset right on the was beautiful!!!!  I'm giving him the basics and telling him to have fun!! HAHA I just want to eat cake LOL!!!
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