Does anyone have a super affordable recommendation for makeup/hair in Portland?  I have really short hair and won't need much in that department, but I would still like to have something a little nicer than my usual.

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  • Is it just you or do you have a bridal party as well?

    If it's just you, Il recommend the place I had my hair done (Trendsetters in Falmouth - not far from downtown Portland).  Hair was $45 per hour and makeup was $25, which way cheaper than most places in this area. 

    If you have others with you, then I don't recommend it only because scheduling and paying was a logistical nightmare that put me 30 minutes behind schedule because she couldn't do math and was trying to charge me way more than I owed (it was me, w others getting just hair, 1 getting hair and makeup and 3 getting just makeup).  I'm a math teacher, I tried doing the math for her, and she just couldn't understand it.  I loved my hair and makeup, but her business skills were less than desirable. 
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  • i am a hair dresser and if you have short hair that doesnt need much done to it- it can be considered just a blowdry/style which is MUCH cheaper then an updo.  most places do a blow dry/style for about 25$ but you just need to make it clear to whoever you talk to.
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  • Thanks for the feedback.  I only have one person in my party, and I don't think that she will want to have her hair done, so I think it will just be me.

    Joellennitsche - thanks for the tip!
  • If it's just you having hair done, and you're not having a fancy updo, I wouldn't even tell the salon it was for a wedding.  When I was calling around looking for a salon (had to do this twice because my original salon closed a month before my wedding), I inquired about my mom and two BMs who had short hair and just wanted it blown out.  Every place I called said it would still be their wedding price, so they just did their hair themselves.
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    my make up artist does airbrush,  her trial it's for free and I am amazed how my pics came out!!! flawless absolutely natural and gorgeous + her price was really nice too!

    Call me if you want her contact and I can share with you 207-482-3778 
    She is located in Windham very near to wallmart.
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