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A fellow Knottie gave me a $500 credit towards a wedding at the Bethel Inn. At that time I was almost 100% we were going to get married there. As it turns out, we aren't.

To keep the good kharma going I am reposting the coupon. If you want it, its yours.

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    ambtinambtin member
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    Hi!!! Me and my fiance are very interested in the bethel you still have that credit? Why did you guys choose not to go with bethel inn?
        Thank you!
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    jdenormandiejdenormandie member
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    Hi -

    It was a very tough decision for us. We really loved the atmosphere, the grounds and Mary. In the end, the thing that persuaded us elsewhere was the separation between the big dining area and the smaller one with the dance floor. We are expecting about 120 guests, and we wouldn’t be able to fit them all into one room at the Bethel Inn (unless we opted to go to the conference center, and we didn’t want to do that). Separating our guests just felt a little funny, for us.
    I still have the certificate if you would like it. Email your mailing address to  : and I’ll send it out this week.

    The Bethel Inn is truly a lovely spot, I hope it works out for you!

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    JaimeMarieBJaimeMarieB member
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    Where did you end up picking?
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