What are your plans for the week?

What is it that you hope to get accomplished or have going on during the next week?

Re: What are your plans for the week?

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    WR:  FI and I finally have our engagement shoot today (will post pictures soon),  I am also planning on finishing my wedding dress hanger this week.

    NWR: Work and throwing a grad party for FI on Saturday!
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    WR - We finally found a reasonably priced bus to transport everyone for the wedding, so we need to ask some final ?s and book that.  Then I also need to remake my to-do list.  It's been awhile since it's been updated with all the new things I'm thinking about.  I also have to call and schedule an appt to get my bustle put in and my straps taken off.  

    NWR - clean clean clean the apt!  It really needs to happen!
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    Can I ask who you decided to go with for the bus company and what their rates look like?
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    nwr: refinishing an end table of mine - it needs an update, homework, get my bike fixed (the seat needs to be tightend i guess im not really sure but my fiance will hopefully do it tomaro now that he has the right tool -- men and their tools) so that i can start getting some fun exercise

    wr: try and convince my fiance to check out venues in the next coming week or two, clean huge pickle jars inside (get the pickle smell out) and outside (get the label off) im thinking i can use them somehow for the wedding and i know if they are clean i am more lilkly to use them. Id love to make more tissue paper flowers for me to experiment with but i may be too ambitious
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    WR: Track down the last RSVPs and start working on the seating chart and escort cards. Finalize the menu and get that to the venue coordinator, even though he's on vacay (why on vacay when I need him!?!?). FINALLY pick FI and I's first dance song and the father-daughter mother-son dance song, since we have our last meeting with the DJ on Sunday. And order a bracelet for the wedding, since I've been procrastinating that (thank you Etsy seller for being able to do it by my wedding date!)

    NWR: Getting my hairs cut, lots of work to do at the office, which I have no motivation to do, since my wedding is in 25 days!!
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    NWR:  Start to look at things for the house we put an offer on yesterday! yay! Yard saling for house tools & fun things.  Lots & lots of work.  Finish my stupid state taxes (yea yeah yeah) but it's more complicated than its ever been.. Register my car, pay some bills, not a lot of fun things! But we hopefully have a house so yayyyyyayayayay!

    WR:  Oh wow where to start.  Well I suppose I should really get my reception contract signed & deposit down so I can stop dealing with this.  I neeed to try a little harder to find a priest (like at all).. so that I can put the deposit down on the church.  I made an appointment to try on dresses (yay!) but I need to push the time back a couple of hours so Mom can be there! Oh and then figure out when we want/where we want to do the e-shoot & get things going with that.

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    Kristin - I think we're going to use Cyr bus lines -

    We needed a bus to shuttle 50 people for the day.  They've quoted me $750 for a coach, and $500 for a school bus.  Everyone else we've looked into has been about double that price!  I'm kind of waiting for something to go wrong - I was giving up hope of being able to afford it!  
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    Trying to get seating chart done once all the rest of the RSVP's have come in!!!!  Getting really excited for the Wedding!!!
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    WR: Finalizing our song list for the reception, working on the ceremony programs, final fitting this Saturday, ordering groosmen's gifts, wrapping the bridal party gifts and writing their notes...

    NWR: Ugh, if I can fit it in, life!! :)
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