wavelength wedding band

Has anyone heard of or seen wavelength wedding band? Looking for input, planning from IL for a ME wedding makes choosing a band difficult!

Thanks everyone!

Re: wavelength wedding band

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    wavelength is good.   another good  band is .   We've seen them both and they are both great but you'll have to see what suits your needs better.  they have different sounds.   
    Good luck !
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    I was a bride that planned from NY for a ME wedding so I can totally understand in which position you are. We had Wavelenght as our wedding and they are OUTSTANDING! Johnna the manager is great, she helped me whenever I had questions with a really quick respond.
    Everyone at our wedding is still talking of the band. The dance floor was filled for the whole night and we actually added on an our on the spot because nobody wanted to stop dancing. I hope this helps and if you have any more questions let me know!
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    Anna, I just sent you a PM with a few questions, thanks!
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