PSA Artificial starfish, sand dollars, and sea shells (XP)

I was at the Christmas Tree Shop yesterday and they have artifical starfish, scallop shells, and sand dollars that look real, but they are made of acrylic. I picked up some of the large starfish yesterday, they are over six inches across and I purchased them in a package of 6 for $4.99. I am so impressed with the quality that I will be purchasing the smaller starfish for my escort cards (6 for $1.99, 3 inches across). 

The sticker comes off

I just wanted to share, because artificial shells and starfish have the same look as the real thing, without the fishy smell or dead animals around reception tables.

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Re: PSA Artificial starfish, sand dollars, and sea shells (XP)

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    I haven't picked out what I want for decor, but I'm sure I can find something to use star fish and sand dollars for at my beach wedding.....  Sweet!!!  Thanks!!!
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    Same here!! But going to the christmas tree shop is always soo expensive!! haha there's no way i'll be able to walk out with only starfish & sand dollars!

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