Having a friend ordained

I am trying to find out any information on having a friend perform my ceremony. I know that they can get ordained online, but I am not sure of the actual details. Once they are considered ordained from the website, do they need to show some type of documentation at the marriage license place or to anyone else?

The legal information online isn't really helping me understand this. I tried contacting the circuit clerk, but they said they could only tell me how to obtain a license.

To be more specific, it will be in Warren County.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Re: Having a friend ordained

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    I know absolutely NOTHING about this, and, as I'm sure you've noticed, this board is kinda dead. I'm going to suggest going to the Budget Weddings board. Those girls know how to work things like that. Maybe even Ceremony Ideas - but I'm not sure how active that board is.

    Welcome to the MS board!
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    If you are interested in having a friend or family member officiate your wedding, you should check out the Universal Life Church Monastery. (www.themonastery.org) We are a legal, online ordination site focused on helping people like you enjoy the wedding you have always dreamed of. Our ordinations are free, and we provide assistance with fulfilling the requirements for performing weddings in your area.

    Ordinations are recognized nationally and internationally, with marriage laws varying from state to state and county to county. Again, we are happy to assist you in finding out what you need for your friend to officiate your wedding.

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