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Who knew deciding on colors would be so tough?!? I just CANNOT make up my mind. I am getting married April 2011, a spring time wedding. I have gone back and forth between so many colors. One color always remains though and that is AQUA.
First, I thought I wanted AQUA, BLACK and WHITE but then I thought that was too common and I wanted something different. Not to mention I am from MS and wanted somewhat of a "country"/"homespun" wedding.
Then I was researching and found AQUA and RED!! Totally fell in love with that. Had basically made up my mind then I thought about my church..... In the sanctuary of my church there is all this blue-green carpet on the floors, pews and half of the walls. I dont want colors that would clash. I also thought AQUA and RED might be better for an outdoor wedding.
Someone please help me to ease my mind. I obviously need help!! haha

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Re: Color Advice!

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    Have you considered aqua and chocolate brown? I've always loved those colors together although I don't know if brown is good for a spring wedding.  My advice would be to go with your 1st gut instinct.  I was like you and picked my colors then second guessed myself.  I ended up going with my original choice and I think its going to turn how perfect.  We're having a fall wedding this october so I'm sorry I can't be too much help with a spring wedding.
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    I'm having a spring wedding, March 2011, and I think aqua is a gorgeous color, so stick with it! I am doing doing Bougainvillea(purple)  and might accent with Aqua or firefly.  Unfortunately, It probably would clash with the church's interior.  April is usually pretty good temperatures, I would suggest holding your wedding outside.  Love your color choice!
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    Ditto on the color choices!  our church has an odd blue-ish/green-ish color carpet and pews.  Purple goes really well with it, but we have had the previous 2 weddings use that color.  I want to go with something different and something that still looks good in the church.  my FI loves the color green and he suggested a dark green or shades of green.  He also would like to have a luau style reception.  I've tweaked those ideas into a Tropical Theme with greens, tans, and splashes of orange and yellow.  My wedding is in March so I think it would be ok. 

    I like the aqua and red look.  I've seen some invitations with those colors and thought it was so pretty.  Maybe you could get a color swatch of sample material to check how it would do in the church? 
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