Tell me about your plans!

Hey y'all! How's planning been going? I'm sure you've got questions for other Mississippi brides - this board can be slow, but there's no better way to liven it up than by asking questions!

Tell me about your wedding, FI/H/SO, Who you are and where you're from! There are girls who come here and wander away because they figure there's nothing going on - so lets chat!

Re: Tell me about your plans!

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    Well. Let me get the party started ;)

    I would have been here sooner, but last weekend I finally moved home to MS <3 and this week I've been dealing with trying to find a job. For the last three years, I've lived in Louisville, KY while the PA (my FI) has been in Hattiesburg, MS. I moved to Louisville from Hattiesburg because I had a fantastic job there, making twice what I oculd in MS, but I quickly realized that there are things that are more important that money. Like a family that loves and supports you.

    The PA and I are getting married April 21, 2012. We're doing it at his parents' house in Hattiesburg because that's where all of our best memories are. There have been a ton of incredible parties out here, and we're billing our wedding, "Gumbo Acres' BEST party!" His parents are extremely excited, and now that I'm home, the planning can begin in earnest.

    Right now Hudson's (do y'all know about Hudson's? I didn't until I moved to MS the first time) has some wedding shop stocks in and I've gotten ribbon and my veil for incredibly cheap.

    My mom is making my dress, and we have picked out a pattern and material. We're both a little nervous about doing this long-distance (Mom lives in Reno, NV), but she's an excellent seamstress. It'll be fine. My best friend is coming in this week to help me get started on coffee filter poms to decorate the inside of the tent (she lives in CO), and his mom and I are waiting on the blueberries to ripen so we can make the blueberry jam that will be the favors for our guests.

    There's more, but I have to run and turn in a job app. Be back later this afternoon ;)
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    I am finally starting to think that my wedding might actually get here! We have only been engaged  for 5 months and only "Officially" together for 8! I don't know what I would do if we were to have a long engagement! I know in every one else's eyes it seems like we have only been together for a short time, but to us it feels like forever. We were BEST friends before we started dating, and just to interject I always thought that was so weird when people said that they fell in love with their best friend, but it has been so amazing, ANYWAY we knew we would be together forever before we even went on our first date so it all just came so natural. I know, again I always thought it was so crazy but it kinda feels like we just always were. I won't bore you all with the details, but our story is written out in extreme detail on our wedding website if anyone is bored haha.
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    We are getting married at Luckett Lodge in Brandon on September 24th! Just over three months away!
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