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Hello everyone!

I know this isn't exactly a wedding topic, but my fiance recently transferred to Keesler AFB in Biloxi to be closer to me (Yay!)

I just wondered if anyone had any recommendations for apartments/townhouses/etc. in good neighborhoods. We're both from WV so the MS weather has taken us a little by surprise and we'd prefer not to be right on the coast if possible, but no more than 30 mins from Keesler.

Thanks in advance if anyone has suggestions, I appreciate you taking time out to respond to a not-so-wedding-worthy topic! Smile

Re: Apartments near Biloxi

  • I don't necessarily have advice for Biloxi, but I will say, as someone who also has an AF fiance and just moved, that I found apartments.com and the base's website really helpful. With most apartment hunting sites you can plug in how far you want it from wherever you are. We just moved to San Antonio and I did all apartment hunting online, made a list for FI and he hit gold on the second place he looked at. If you guys are already down there, maybe meet with whatever housing assistance people they have on base, they can get you the lowdown on which places you're not allowed to live and where off-base most people live, they can also give you numbers for landlords that rent houses to military couples. Good Luck!
  • GulfCoastApartmentGuide.Com has really good information - but (and I shouldn't say this) - I work with apartments. But I'm not on the coast :)

    There's a property called Lagniappe of Biloxi which is really nice and on a nature preserve. Plus, the rates really aren't bad and it's pretty new. Feel free to PM Me and I'll give you some more information - I just dont want to give it out here - I'm the Mod, I've gotta be good. WELCOME TO THE HOSPITALITY STATE!
  • i can't remember the name of them but there are some really nice apts on lemoyne blvd in biloxi that we almost moved into! rented a house instead. you can get some really nice houses down here for pretty cheap!
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