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I am looking for a good florist in Hattiesburg. The one I have been talking to recently has just made me really nervous becuase they are completely unorganized. Everytime I call them I have to go over all my needs again. All the other florist I have called will not call me back, all they say is they will email me information and then they never do.

I am planning this wedding from Atlanta and will not be back in Mississippi until the week of the wedding, which is in November. I am looking for a florist who will work with me over the phone, but my needs are really small just bridal bouquet, 2 bridesmaids, and 3 bouts for groomsmen.

Thanks for any help/advice you can give.

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    I know a florist in Laurel that also does jobs around that area and particularly in Hattiesburg. I have only been able to meet with her once (even though I live in the area) and she has been amazing to work with over the phone. She was thoughtful in considering my budget and showed me ways to keep it inexpensive. She even made me an example bouquet of what I had requested for me to see when I visited her booth at a recent bridal expo. I wouldn't want to give her name or number out on here, but google her business- "Just Weddings and Events".
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